Did KKW did it again? is blue eyeshadow the new black?

IMG_9417 2There is no secret that our beloved KKW has revolutionized the beauty industry and has created numerous trends as well.

We have all seen the newest addition to her makeup line with the collaboration along the great Mario Dedivanovic. The biggest question today is. Has the blue eyeshadow come back to stay?

Well If you ask me, it is an amazing trend and it should be here to stay.  It goes perfect with blondes, red heads, and if you have brown eyes  (like myself),  there is no better color to make your eyes pop.

I understand this color can be very scary at first, and that is why I am going to give you some simple guidelines for you to follow and make those eyes be seen from space:

1- Keep your lips and cheeks light or neutral when doing dark eyeshadows.

2- Use an eye primer to help your shadow stay longer and brighter all night.

3- Always keep your crease matte and your shimmers in your eyelid. This will give more dimension to your eyes.

Now that we have set the ground rules, let’s take out our brushes and HAVE SOME FUN!!


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